Traditional hand-printed black & white silverprint portraits

Portrait Sessions are held once a month at special events in collaboration with Stellar Coffee, RexKL. Look out for announcements on their social media channels or with Kanta.Studio. Instantly hand-printed on black & white silver gelatin paper and mounted on card.

Private sessions are also available by appointment at a private petite studio in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. A portrait session will take about 30-60 minutes. The prints are instantly developed on black & white silver gelatin paper at standard large format sizes, using traditional hand-printing methods. Private sessions are open throughout the week by appointment only. 

On Location– portrait sessions can also be arranged on location, indoors or outdoors with the Fotografik Van. The practise is based in Kuala Lumpur and operates within city limits, or Klang Valley, however further locations can be covered.  

Each exposure is hand-printed using photographic chemicals in a specially made darkroom tent. Participants are able to witness this process during their portrait session.

BW hand-print sizes available (ready instantly within session)

    4 x 5    /    5 x 7    /    8 x 10    inches 

Other formats available via special request and with additional darkroom processing

Mounting cards are premium quality, 300 gsm cold pressed of mix pulp sources, 100% cellulose acid-free, FSC© certified C100022 made in the EU. Each silverprint is mounted either on A3 or A4 format size and can be cut to size to fit frames. Frames are available for purchase.

Each final print is mounted using special acid-free glue on 300gsm acid-free paper to ensure longevity of the silverprint.

Analogue hand-print reductions, enlargements, and copies- all prints can be reprinted, reduced or enlarged in size according to certain format sizes, on different silver-paper stock. This can be done digitally too. Special photography art-painting and colour-tinting are also available. Enquire at your portrait session. 

Colour-tinting method was learnt through a masterclass with the late Ismail Hashim, a renowned Malaysian photography artist, using oil-based paints, and water-based inks. 

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I N S T A N T    C O L O U R    P R I N T S 

Colour silverprint portrait, taken with large format camera, 8 x 10 inch print, KongsiKL, 2022.

Colour print sizes (ready instantly within session) *available soon

    4 x 5    /    8 x 10    inches 

Because of the reversal process, the print is a mirrored image and only one single print is produced.
Reprints are not possible, although a digital print can be made from the digital scan provided.

RA-4 colour reversal print

Rapid Access 4 (RA-4) is a colour negative process for photographic prints.  It is a chromogenic print / C-print, comprising of silver halides and colour dyes. They are composed of three layers of silver halide gelatin, and a different dye coupler of subtractive colour which together, when developed, form a full-colour image.

To produce a colour instant print, the RA-4 process is reversed, producing a mirrored image and only a single print. NOTE* Colour print is not truly accurate and a representation.