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Jeffrey Lim is the photography artist behind the art & research project Kanta Portraits. He has made unique box cameras that produce black & white portraits as part of his art practise. By merging the traditional practises of ‘large format’ camera and darkroom printing, he has intuitively made cameras that can print instantly, all within a box. 

This century old practise of street box cameras has seen a revival around the world, and been aptly named as the living form of photography. Jeff has now ventured into creating workshops to pass on the practise and knowledge in order to share and create a continuity of this art form in Malaysia.

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With the support from The Krishen Jit Fund 2013 & 2021, Five Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur

member of the Kotak Kamera Trio. A collective of three box camera practitioners, photographers, camera builders, darkroom artists based in Malaysia.

Nuestros primeros socios internacionales del Fotógrafos Internacionais Lambe-lambesInternational partner of International Photographers of Lambe-lambes, Brasil.

Supported by Ilford Photo UK and Srishti Digital Life, Malaysia.