Kanta.Studio Darkroom  /  Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur  

Kanta.Studio Darkroom– a basic photography darkroom serving as a platform for workshops, and training. Transferring on technical knowledge with hands-on experience, and providing accessibility to the specialised equipment & craft of printing. 

Darkroom printing has always been an important part of Jeffrey Lim’s art practise. His first encounter with the hand-printed image was in art school in 2002, learning with the most basic enlarger and makeshift darkroom. It formed the basis for his methods to this art form, with the most basic of equipment, an image can be printed masterfully into a photograph. 

However darkroom equipment have become such a rarity and the practise of silver gelatin prints are now considered a historical process. At Kanta.Studio, Jeff has been salvaging, restoring and refurbishing the collection of old darkroom equipment, amounting up to eight enlargers with additional apparatus. 

Some of the darkroom processes for workshops are: developing Black & White film negatives, making straight prints, intermediate to advance editing- on contrast, Zoning, Split-Grading, Print Mapping for dodging and burning, creative, experimental & alternative / hacking methods. Workshops are available by appointment only, currently three modules have been drawn up although the darkroom studio is still under construction. However special request might be accepted. *BW prints can be made from colour negatives as well.

Black & White Silver Gelatin Paper sizes commonly available

5 x 7    /    8 x 10    /    11 x 14    inches 

Other formats available via special request and with additional darkroom processing
11 x 14    /    12 x 16    /    16 x 20    /    20 x 24     inches

Durst CLS 450 colour head diffuser enlarger, the largest enlarger in the darkroom. With the ability to fit up to 4 x 5 inch format negatives.. Made in 1972, acquired in 2004.

D A R K R O O M    W O R K S H O P S

Workshop Module 1
Contact Sheet & Printing for Tones

Beginner's guide- Introduction to the darkroom starts with the fundamentals of any darkroom, understanding the different sections and functions. Making some preliminary test strip prints to form a basis of working with the enlarger and apparatus.

Followed by learning how to make index prints/ contact sheets from your negatives. Making exposure time adjustments for tonal evaluation, resulting in a clear view to the tonal range of your shots. 

Workshop Module 2
Additive Exposure & Split-Grading

An intermediate module focusing on achieving a split-grade print. Participants will learn how to set up the enlarger for their negative and formulate an additive exposure print. This will determine the best exposure time for a straight print. 

Using multigrade filters for contrast control, and a simple calculation formula, plus artistic decisions, participants will create their split-grade formula for their final print.

Workshop Module 3
Print Mapping- Dodge & Burns

An intermediate to advance module, using their split-graded formula, and referring to their index prints / contact sheets, participants will start a print map. 

Marking out areas of the print that will benefit from additional or lesser exposure. Using simple tools to spot dodge or burn in exposures. Also learning other techniques and methods. Participants will be able to create a print map, resulting in a method to acheiving their master final print. 

Workshops by appointment only. Darkroom still under construction, however special request might be accepted.

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