Kanta.Studio Fotografik Van  /  Kuala Lumpur

With the latest addition of the Fotografik Van, portrait sessions are now more mobile and accessible. With the ability to have sessions outdoor & indoor, at any time of the day, the portrait session can be brought to any location, especially for special occasions and people. 

Being on location with this traditional photography method has been the art practise for Jeff since 2012, working with the limitations of the medium and challenges of being in the field. He has built many versions of a mobile darkroom, from a box camera, to a small enclosure, right up to huge tent, all for the ability to instantly handprint silver gelatin portraits. With Fotografik Van, a mobile darkroom built into the vehicle, the portrait sessions are now more efficient and focuses more time and effort towards portrait-making. Private sessions are open throughout the week by appointment, send an enquiry or make a booking here via Whatsapp.

Silver gelatin prints, handprinted in the field, various sizes. Since 2014 Jeff has been travelling extensively, making portraits sessions in rural Malaysia. Developing and evolving his camera equipment and printing method to fit any situation.

With the mobile unit, the instant portrait session has the ability to photograph on location, indoors or outdoors. From within Kuala Lumpur city to outer Klang Valley.  Sessions are open throughout the week by appointment. 

BW Print sizes available 

    4 x 5    /    8 x 10     inches 

Ready instantly within session. Other formats available via special request.

A mobile darkroom tent. Readily set up in the Fotografik Van to handprint instantly on location, March 2024. 

The trusty Honda Cub EX5 which was the earlier version of the mobile portrait studio & darkroom, 2020.

M O B I L E    E V E N T S 

With the mobile tent unit, the instant portrait session has the ability to photograph on location, indoors or outdoors for longer duration. Event hire of up to three hours. More info soon.

Make a booking or send an enquiry through our Whatsapp here.