Concise Workshop- Instant Portrait

20 November 2021, Saturday, 10am-1pm
(optional time sessions maybe available*)
Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Concise Workshop Series-
Instant Portrait with Jeffrey Lim, Kanta Portraits
Learn to shoot & print with large-format cameras & traditional darkroom printing

Jeffrey Lim is a photography artist, using photography as his medium in his social art projects. Receiving art research grants locally and abroad from Japan and Taiwan, he has travelled extensively with his box cameras producing instant portrait prints in the field. In his workshops, learn how to operate ‘large format’ cameras and basic darkroom printing, including his self-made cameras, to produce instant portrait prints similar to his art practises in Kanta Portraits

A concise hands-on workshop on how to operate different types of large format cameras. Learn how to take metered light readings, focus, and prepare the lens. Making an exposure and printing instantly using basic darkroom materials with fast printing techniques. Utilising cameras from the easy-to-use press camera to ultimately learning how to operate the box cameras from Kanta Portraits project and produce an instant portrait in a self-contained box camera.

The first part of the workshop is a brief lecture on the technicality, theories and format of photography followed by practical, instructional and hands-on training. The second part is where each participant will learn how to prepare a sitter, compose a portrait, and read the light conditions to make a balanced exposure. Ending the session with developing silverprints instantly in a makeshift darkroom using basic chemicals and receive their own portrait prints. Workshop will be conducted in English with the inclusion of Bahasa as well if needed. All materials and equipment provided, photography novice to advanced levels are welcomed. Workshop environment will be conducted according to SOP requirements.

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*select optional time slots on the form. Limited to only 6 participants.

Map location
Ilham Gallery
Level 5, Ilham Tower, No 8, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Workshop space
For safety and adhering to SOP on safe distancing, only 6 participants excluding the instructor are allowed in the indoor space.

Two participants will be paired per camera.

Types of cameras
that will be used in the workshop, various lenses, with copal shutters or traditional barrel lenses.